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About our translation


Our regular Mongolian translation procedure comprises three steps: Translation, Edition and Proofreading. As soon as the proofreading process is done, an ultimate quality assessment check is carried out by a senior Mongolian translator with several years of experience to ensure the highest accurate Mongolian translation to client.

Before we begin translation, we keep eye on terminology part and make list of terminologies that will be used throughout the project. We contact the client in case we think that further clarification is needed for terminology to ensure the most accurate Mongolian translation work.



You can rely on our sequential three-step translation process that only results in the highest quality translation.



How does the cooperation work?


  1. You can contact us using our Mongolian Translation Live Help and FREE QUOTE sections or by toll-free phone. Please indicate delivery date of your project in your message.
  2. We will contact you regarding translation rate and additional information if needed.
  3. After you accept the rate and provide us partial payment upfront, we will instantly begin to translate your project. You will receive confirmation by email as soon as we start.
  4. We will deliver your project on the settled date when you deliver the remaining payment. The payment can be made through PayPal, Visa and Mastercard. Bank transfer and cheque are also accepted. For clients with a good payment history, the payment can be done within 14 calendar days.


Mongolian Translation Rates


Several factors determine the price of a translation. We will inform you the rate as soon as we consider the following factors from your order:

Word Count

All quotations for Mongolian translations are grounded on the word count of the document. For short translations, a minimum rate may be applied.

Delivery Time

Amount of time needed to finish project is necessary to determine rate.

Rush Orders

A rush order surcharge (30%-50%) will be levied where applicable. But this is always discussed with the client before we start.


Mongolian Interpretation Rates


For Mongolian interpreting, industry-standard hourly or daily rates are applied.

For In-Country interpreting, client side is expected to pay travel, lodging or per diem expenses.