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Our Mongolian Interpreters are the best in the Mongolian Translation and Interpretation Business.

Legal Translation and Interpretation Services


We have a broad experience in legal translation from summon to law draft. Our Mongolian translators translate all kind of legal documents to and from English with the highest possible accuracy.

Court certified Mongolian interpreters can be arranged in case we are requested in advance.



Proofreading and Editing


We can proofread and edit your Mongolian translated version against the English version and vice versa to assure accurate meaning. The service includes sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and spelling editing.

We work with the following programs but not limited to: 

  •  Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat and Powerpoint 
  •  PhotoShop and Illustrator
  •  Corel Draw and Dreamweaver


Mongolian Greeting Card Line Planning


We will help you to create complete lines of greeting cards and other gifts that need to be written in Mongolian.

Surprise your Mongolian pal or simply send a few lines in Mongolian to your good friends in the Mongolian steppe.


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Conference Call Interpreting


When you want to call your Mongolian business collaborators or your Mongolian clients in any part of the world but they do not speak English, we can assist to interpret for you during the call. We can also help to set up a time for the call that is suitable for all parties involved at no additional cost so that you will save both time and money.


In-Country Business Interpreting


When you travel to Mongolia or make trips involving business negotiations, we provide reliable Mongolian interpreters to go with you or provide you with highly qualified interpreters from Mongolia so that you can feel safe during your journey and close business deals with success. We will also assist to make all of your travel arrangements to and from Mongolia to make certain your trip will be a smooth and pleasant one.

We currently have local Mongolian interpreters for consecutive interpreting duties available but not limited to the following cities:

New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, USA

Toronto, Ottawa, Canada

London, UK

Canberra, Sydney, Australia

Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan, Erdenet, Omno-Gobi, Mongolia.

Depending on your specific requirement and timing, our Mongolian interpreters are also available for travel to other areas in the U.S, Canada, and UK and to all areas in Mongolia.


Traditional Mongolian Translation


We proudly translate texts written in the traditional Mongolian script. 30% additional charge is added to the normal rate. 


We also make English Mongolian translation in the following areas:


Annual Reports

Financial Statements 

Market Studies 
Technical Reports 

Video Transcripts
Print Ads
Research Papers
Press Releases
Policies and Procedures


Please click here to read about our mongolian translation procedures!