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Welcome to MAZAALAI

Mongolian Translation and Interpretation by Native Mongolian Translators


Our translators are individual members of Northern California Translators Association and Mongolian Translators Association.


Mongolian translation is basically all we do! MAZAALAI is a single-language translation company specializing in full-service mongolian translation and interpretation. Our Mongolian translators and interpreters are among the highest qualified in the business.  We have the necessary educational background and experience to deal with your mission-critical projects and assignments.


As we are Mongolian translators ourselves and Mongolian translation is all we do, we can afford to charge our clients less than other multi-language translation agencies.


By focusing exclusively on Mongolian translation, we can provide you first-rate quality service at less cost.


From law firms to government agencies, we have successfully completed number of prestigious Mongolian translation projects. You can contact us by our Live Help section or use FREE QUOTE page to ask for a quote today. We will respond you less than 24 hours!


Mongolian Translation
  • Standard Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Revised Translation
  • Express Translation
  • Sworn Translation
  • Technical Translations
  • Traditional Mongolian Script Translation


Mongolian Interpreting
  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • Simultaneous Interpreting

  • Accompanying Interpreting

  • Conference Interpreting 

Additional Services


  • Mongolian Webpage Translation
  • Mongolian News Translation (electronic & paper form)
  • Mongolian Proofreading
  • Mongolian Software Localization